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  • do you expect sparkfun to buy 100 server just so they can give aaway free stuff? expectationa are a bit unreal here and technically minded ppl should know that such a blast in visitor can't be prepared for,

  • congrats to this promotion. tho i didn't get any order through, i wasn't really surprised. i had no expectations. it was fun to watch the icr channel explode, the twitter search going nuts and you climbing the google trends.
    i think most of all you have proven that the "Free" concept works. You might have given away 100K USD wort of stuff. but in return you got so much exposure and brand recognition worth millions of dollars in advertising. This will be a textbook example of good internet viral marketing.
    I guess 2010 will be a massive year for you. you have just became (internet) world reknown. congratulations.
    also nice to see many first time arduino and electronics user.

  • actually the just release an idea of a laser mosquito killer machine. i tweeted that idea like 3 month ago. so technically they have stolen it from me. now my tweets are private.
    i'm serious.

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