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  • I totally agree with you but I would go further. Many people seem to have this fairy tail notion that as long as they have access to the source code that they can fix any problem. Maybe if they were independently wealthy and had a VERY VERY long healthy life with no distractions AND were EXCEPTIONAL programmers they could just about fix any software problem. But the fact is MOST free open source software IS VERY badly written and does not easily lend itself to being fixed by some programmer wannabe who gets confused when he has to write more than 10 lines of code. I know a lot of people will take exception with this but in support of my claims I offer this simple fact: find some free software that you have had problems with and go look at the support pages. In particular look at how long some of the bugs have been outstanding. It is quite common now to find bugs that have been outstanding for several years.

  • ..."I had argued that, given my software background, I could have fixed the most annoying flaws"

    It is a sad fact that most programmers think they are MUCH better than they actually are. Your boss will have had experience of this many times and ultimately he has to decide whether to pay for a quick solution or invest real time and money in something that may never pay off. If you felt so strongly about it you could have done the work in your spare time at no cost to the company and then presented it to him.

    It is easy to bitch about one's employer but much harder to try to understand the real problems the employer faces on a day to day level.

  • Happy?! What's there to be happy about... It's my Pink Teensy they're giving away!

  • Yep, he's tidied up... You should see what's behind the camera...

  • Casey is so well organised he keeps track of all his stuff on a database on his computer.

  • Casey writing a stern email regarding the self assembly robot just "sitting" in the corner.

  • Casey bidding on vibranium to finish his latest project.

  • I'll show them... you can do anything with emacs!

  • Casey got the wrong idea when he heard about the FreeSoC2's ability to configure hardware!

  • I told them Windows 10 to control a 3D printer was a bad idea!

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