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  • I am happy to win. The last two Free Days I came away with nothing. I thought this time would be the same. I only had a total of 2 hours split up through out the day where I had time between classes to enter Captchas. The 30 minutes between my library visit and physics was when I got lucky.

  • (Pulls out soap box) I have a beef with the current idea of a science fair. When a kid (me) waits until the 10th grade to enter his first science fair, you have a problem. I have some projects that I think are really cool, that is why I built them. Do they serve a purpose? No. Are they testing something? No. Is it some kind of research that can be used to further develop something in the future? Maybe... I have a hard time figuring out what is consider science and engineering. Where is the "make cool, fun, and engaging projects fair"? Ah right, it is called Maker Faire. We will always have our research, our practical applications, our mathematical theorems, but I like to have fun. Surely fun turns into something in the future. There are kids out there who find the research I find boring to be very lively. I have some project I consider awesome that would never catch attention in a science fair, because it does not fit. I think someone needs to bring the fun back, if it ever was.

  • I know the feeling of creating something all by yourself to enter into a science fair. I am an upcoming senior in high school and have competed in a few science fairs. I first entered in the 10th grade with a maze solving robot into the county science and engineering fair. I was feeling pretty confident. I had built everything my self and programmed it all. I was not planning on what I saw when I arrived. It was a battle of the parents. You could tell some of them were rather attached and proud of the projects more than the kids presenting them. Many of the students were getting last minute lectures from their parents and tips on what to do. I had no speech ready and just showed up with basically a robot I built that was sitting on my shelf. Well that year I won 3rd place in engineering, if that is considering "winning". I was not very happy about that, but I learned how much of a pageant this was. In my 11th grade year I decided to try a bit harder. I came in with an GPS guided AGV and lots of different tests done with it. I still saw the parents coaching their children, but I was prepared for that. I think the judges can really tell who did their projects themselves and in the end it pays off for people to do their own projects. I won 1st place in computer science that year and went on to get 3rd in the state. Now with my senior year coming, I am not too sure if I want to enter again. For a hobby I do in my spare time, they really do make it boring to enter into a science fair. I am more into sharing concepts than participating in a competition, but I do like to win when I compete. I can believe this kid did all of this on his own. I think people who first meet me question how much I do on my own, but a simpel conversation with someone can reveal their depth of knowledge. So keep building!

  • I would like to see what all of those different light pipes look like when lit up.

  • Before Maker Fair could set sail, everyone had to learn how to put on a safety suit in case of a "minor" emergency.

  • Not that I am a wiz at english, but I suppose the last sentence should read "Start building now!" instead of "Starting building now!".
    Yeah I hope I can enter one day too.

  • I will be in the same boat as you. I actually got farther on my Ipod Touch last year than i did using a normal web browser on my computer.

  • Is it just me or is the count down 5 minutes slow?

  • I will have 10 minutes left on my lunch break at school to get free stuff. Good luck everyone.

  • I agree

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