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  • That's probably the best solution. Retain data for account holders for whom shopping convenience outweighs the privacy risk, and have anonymous ordering for anyone else. When making a one-time order from a website, I really appreciate being able to buy without creating an account. Fewer logins and passwords to manage.

  • Is SparkFun legally required to retain customer information for an unlimited period of time? If not, it seems like the easiest way to avoid such situations is to delete personally identifiable information as soon as it is no longer needed for business purposes.

  • I want to express my appreciation to SparkFun for Free Day. I wasn't able to complete an order, but didn't expect to. I hit "refresh" a couple of times, then just said, "Oh well, didn't win the lottery this time." I don't understand why so many people spent two hours trying to get through. I/O bandwidth and CPU power are limited; those who were able to place an order were simply lucky. It's like one of those "first ten callers get free concert tickets" radio station promotions. Don't be surprised when you get a busy signal.

  • I'd like the Product Tee shirt better if it used the same text design as the Geek shirt, i.e. "GEEK" emphasized instead of "SHINE."

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