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  • Huh, looks like clamping might pretty much be required to make this work well. it's good that putting foam and the inside of a case might be able to provide sufficient compression force, because if this required plastic or metal clamps, it'd be a dealbreaker.

  • Can the LED + LED holder in these still be removed and replaced with a standard lightbulb with the appropriate fitting? I replaced the LED in the dome button I have right now with a bulb I got from the car parts store that fit exactly into the socket, and also also (not coincidentally) ran off of 12V.

  • That's not entirely true. By themselves they lack the authority, but they can go through the process to get an out of state subpoena.

  • Turning over any piece of data goes against every fiber in your being? Butchering of that expression aside, that is pretty hyperbolic, don't you think? This isn't warrantless wiretapping, or a SWAT raid of Sparkfun, just a part of an official (and public!) legal investigation.

  • I think I ordered this exact thing on deal extreme a couple years back.

    The test points were flimsy, and prone to becoming misaligned or otherwise useless.

  • Are the Rotary Encoders gonna be back in stock anytime soon, so that these are useful?

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