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  • What is different from the 2015 version?

  • I like the idea of an extensible Arduino. I think I will give it a try. for example putting a TIA and 20 bit delta sigma ADC on the same module, with just software and no extra parts, and it still being Arduino compatible might be nice. That assumes I don't completely mess up the Arduinoness implementing the programmable analog.

  • In the https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/tiny-avr-programmer-hookup-guide/ it says USBTinyProgrammer will show up as the device for the Programmer when you first plug it in to a USB port. On my Bootcamped Win 8.0 Macbook Air It was something completely different, nothing like the image in the guide. But it still installed just fine.

  • I wonder if it is related to this piezo film material, that would explain the poor low frequency response. www.youtube.com/watch?v=34-z733vv5U&list=UUJOGSuKFgRUj3RVCXEngGfA

  • What an impressive lack of information.

  • This may be due to the load you are driving. I have this problem if I do not resolve the ground loop discussed in the Line out information Appnote.

    My guess is you may also have a power supply problem. If your supply dips it will freeze the player.

  • What version of Arduino IDE are you using when this works? With 1.0.3 I am getting compile errors Bill Porter's code.
    ..../Arduino/libraries/SdFat/SdFat.cpp:30: error: 'MiniSerial' was not declared in this scope

    Also the SdFat Quickstart will not compile. It generates the same error: ..../Arduino/libraries/SdFat/SdFat.cpp:30: error: 'MiniSerial' was not declared in this scope

    I downloaded the latest sdfatlib20121219.zip and replaced sdfat and then, after I changed the serial communication speed to 9600:


    Bill Porter's code works great!


  • I would like it if Sparkfun carried the surface mount versions too. I have used them, they are so small and easy to program. Arduino is OK I use that too, but it is much more work to get an Arduino into the volume of an 08M2.