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  • And just saw the announcement - this is now EOL hardware. They hope to continue support for around a year.

  • It looks like the mobile app (chffr) no longer supports this - only allowing the DashCam DevKit to connect.

    Do note that it does require a USB-A to USB-A cable or one of their adapters to use with a laptop. It does not appear to work with USB-A to USB-C cables. Looks like most of the documentation on the Wiki is out of date - the page for the Panda has a lot of broken links.

    I'll try to update more once I manage to get it set up.

  • My favorite fun project was one where I took an ID-12 reader and a pair of XBee radios to make an auto-login system for my desktop computer. I put the ID-12 set to serial mode, and the XBees to be a wireless serial port under my desk chair seat. Then put my RFID card in my wallet. When I sat down, the system would transmit the ID to the desktop computer and if it was the correct ID, the computer would unlock. I later tweaked it to pick up the loss of "tag in range" signal from the reader to re-lock the system. Worked surprisingly well (while the batteries lasted.)

  • I've had trouble as well. I'm just coming back to the site to try again, but so far haven't been thrilled with the unit.

  • Finally! Mote Engineer putty!

  • Just a note - have this hooked up now and it's working well. I have had a couple of bumps and scrapes (part of the learning process.) A couple of learnings to pass along - I've got it hooked to an XBee and was running it on 4 AA's and it went under voltage in about 2 days (granted fairly hot weather.) The Battery reading still showed good on my last reading so I'm trying it with a 9V to see if I can do better power prediction. I also need to do a calibration - the two temp sensors are about 1.5 degrees F off from each other.
    I can say it works well with the XBee - using the bluetooth RF contacts and it's quite happy.

  • From the PDF documentation:
    The following is an example output of the "Simple" text option from the Weather Board:



    Every second a new set of readings is displayed. There are 8 cells of data separated by commas.
    Cell 1 (21.81) = 21.81% Humidity?
    Cell 2 (081.28) = 81.28F from the SHT15 sensor?
    Cell 3 (026.5) = 26.5C from the SCP1000 sensor?
    Cell 4 (79.70) = 79.7F from the SCP1000 sensor?
    Cell 5 (083534) = 83854 Pascal from the SCP1000 sensor?
    Cell 6 (918) = a relative reading from the TEMT6000 light ? sensor (pretty dark)
    Cell 7 (0) = battery level is 0 (no battery attached)?
    Cell 8 (000001) is record number and will increment ? each second

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