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Country: United Kingdom

  • The link to the Product Video, shown in the main listing for this product, goes to a page which says "This video has been removed by the user". The video link needs fixing.

  • Please post the weight of this product in grams. It is the primary attraction for purchase, but there are no factual details.

  • One big disappointing experience filling in captchas that never seem to take me anywhere.

  • The board supports a separate add on magnetometer (see comments above). With that added, the UDB is "9DOF".
    It is better to have the magnetometer separate, so that you can position it as far away as possible from magnetic influences. e.g. Motors, or heavy duty power wires that fluctuate in power.
    For electic planes, this is a better solution than having all the chips on one board.

  • I could not make your GPS module HTML link work.
    The UDB4 supports four GPS units. The EM406A (available here at Sparkfun), the Ublox 5 with adapter,
    the MediaTek MT3329 GPS 10Hz + Adapter , and the 50-channel GS407 Helical GPS (availble here at Sparkfun). The developer's favourite in the USA, and the favourite of Ric, our Swiss Test pilot, is the EM406A. The board only needs one really good fix per second. What the UDB needs is a good accurate fix, not a fast fix. The board will calculate the intervening positions 40 times / second using accelerometers and gyros.

  • This is the magnetometer that should work with the UDB4.
    Bill Premerlani did some amazing Maths that enables MatrixPilot to automatically calculate the alignment of the UDB board with the magnetometer which makes it much more accurate and useful. This is particularly important in places where the Earth's magnetic field has a strong vertical angle. (e.g. North NY state, UK, and Switzerland).
    More discussion on this is here

  • Nice to see the full history in the blog
    Here is a video link to camera targeting

  • I have been using the prototype version of this board (with Inversense Gyros). It is really super. I have done many autonomous flights now with this board. I connect some additional electronics to allow me to have 6 servo outputs which means I can use it to have a camera target GPS locations.
    Video showing an introduction to using the board is here.

  • For those interested in the UAV DevBoard, I made a short introductory video of the development environment at this location:-

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