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  • Small edit, this little board actually has 9 pins that can be used for 10-bit ADC inputs.

  • Hey Sparkfun! How about a fitting protoboard for the top of the Arduino FIO, much like your new Arduino Pro Mini protoShield? I only need a little space for a few sensors!

  • I take that back. I guess thats what the CHG 5v and CHG- holes are for. Great thinking, next time I will look harder! You even connected it to the MAX1555's DC in instead of USB so I can hook up a 6V panel.
    You guys rock!

  • I love this board for so many things! It is perfect for remote sensors and actuators. I have deployed Funnel IO in a mesh sensor net without the need for 3 breakout boards.
    Please consider adding a JST connector or simply 2 plated through holes in the next Rev to connect an auxiliary charging source (like solar panel) so that we can make this thing last forever!

  • Please, please, please put in a higher current 3.3V regulator in the next revision of this board! I love using it for my XBee breakout but I need enough power for an XBee pro especially since you mention in the description it's compatible (but dont mention its not sufficient)! There are so many good, cheap SMD LDO regulators with >300mA output out there!

  • I put together a collection of Arduino compatible functions to make all the drawing operations (circle, box, line) easy to perform. It includes clearing the screen and setting other serial com speeds. Simply copy and paste my drawing functions and serial.print() any strings you want to this LCD and you'll be up and running with text and graphics in minutes.
    Here is a link to the drawing functions
    Reading the comments in the code should be more than enough explanation!

  • I purchased one of these displays last week for an Arduino Pro project I have been working on and it was been a dream to work with. I am using this display with the NewSoftSerial library but it only works reliably at 9600bps through software serial. With Sparkfun's datasheet it is easy to work up a small library of drawing functions to make interfacing with this LCD easier than pie. mmmm pie.

  • I ordered a few of these and they work great EXCEPT the relay footprint vias needs to be moved 1mm to the right and 1mm up to line up with the silkscreen and not crowd the 2-pin load terminals. With the relay mounted the 2-pin screw terminals cannot mount flush to the board, luckily I am soldering in wire instead.
    Sparkfun, can you fix the footprint or move it on the PCB a tiny bit?

  • Can any electrical engineer out there tell me if these load traces will actually handle 240v @ 15-30Amps like the relay that mounts to it?

  • The datasheet label still says "ADXRS613 Datasheet", it links to the correct ADXRS614, but that probably needs an edit.

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