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  • Just to follow up…

    I just tried a class 4 32 Gb card (Sandisk) and it works fine and automounts as it’s supposed to. I still don’t know why the the Samsung class 10 card does not work, but at least I have a working card now.

  • Thanks, I looked at the log and saw:

    mmc1: error -110 whilst initialising SD card

    Probably due to the error above /dev/mmc1* does not exist. I wish that I new where to find the meaning of error -110.

  • I am trying to use this with the “base” block. It does not auto-mount as it says in the hookup guide and I don’t even know the correct device to manually mount. I am using the latest Edison image, unaltered. I have verified that the microSD (Samsung EVO, 32 Gb) is good. Any hints would be appreciated.

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