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  • Hi! I recommend you to read this tutorial in depth: http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/203 And yes you are correct, the simon game is not provided in Arduino programming language but... you could take this as a challenge to learn it :) You can throw an arduino sketch on it, go to the tutorial to see how.

  • I believe Sparkfun selected this product on purpose instead of the usb version. Much more hackable, much more open.

    In my opinion, this is not intended to be hooked to a PC but to a micro-controller or similar. If you want to read a magnetic card thru your PC you can find other products much cheaper that connect through USB.

  • Conectrol, S.A. in Madrid, Spain (http://www.conectrol.com/) is the most popular physical shop that supplies all kind of electronics.

    I'd love to see children from middle school visiting the shop and buying one of your kits :)

  • If you try to compile the examples using the new Arduino 1.0 software and get an error check this blog entry:


  • I believe we have to edit the hardware/arduino/boards.txt file and uncomment the lines 165 to 179 to get the board listed in the Arduino software.

    Am I correct?

  • Wich board should we select in the Arduino 1.0 software to program it?


  • Thanks for clearing it up :) That's what I like from Sparkfun, you made a mistake (everyone does from time to time), assumed it and then you've corrected it.

  • Would someone from Sparkfun's Staff be so kind to confirm this please? I wouldn't like to buy this product and discover this information once I have it in my hands :(. Thanks!!

  • By the way, if you got to sell all those units, your profits would gross $4.359.028,83
    What a number guys, congrats for such a great company.

  • Sparkfun has 820,898 units to sell in 2,039 active products.
    Come on guys! Lets help them :)