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  • Hm, yes, there seems to be an issue.

    Does that mean like MJPG at 1600x1200 @ 15FPS?

    Some assumptions:

    • Camera outputs a 1600x1200 frame in color, 8 bit/pixel (likely YUV 4:2:2 format)
    • Therefore: 1 frame is 1600x1200x8 bits or 1.92 MBytes (aka ~2MP @8bpp).
      Note: No file system here so 1,000,000B = 1,000kB = 1MB
    • JPEG compression varies drastically based on a lot of factors, but let's say we do really well and JPEG compression brings us from ~2MB uncompressed down to 50kB.

    [formatting seems broken here]

    A theoretical 1600x1200 JPEG stream at 15fps with 50kB per frame
    Units can get confusing very quickly, so step-by-step:

    • 50kB/frame at 15fps
    • 50kB/frame x 1000 bytes/kB x 8 bits/byte at 15fps
    • 400,000 bits/frame at 15fps
    • 6,000,000 bits/s (aka 6,000,000 baud)
    • 6Mbps

    According to the User Manual PDF the maximum baud rate is 256000 baud, and the product description says max 115200 baud. In either case, we still come up short by at least an order of magnitude (data output is >10x more than our transfer speed).

    Maybe not fully Q.E.D., but I concur that there's likely no way this module can output 1600x1200 JPEGs at 15fps.

  • This new 2MP LinkSprite has a 64-pin processing chip with an external 4Mbit SRAM (IS61LV5128AL-10TLI). The previous VGA LinkSprite module you've linked to has a processor with many more pins and no external memory. The new 2MP LinkSprite could use the same/a similar processor in a different package, but I bet a new processor is being used. If SF or someone with their hands on one wouldn't mind peeling off the sticker, I'd love to hear the processor part number. Or Piotr, were you being sarcastic?


  • Anyone know what chip is behind that "QC PASSED" sticker?

  • Got some in hand: Mine are 24 AWG stranded with very short pre-striped and tinned ends.
    Has markings (in no particular order):
    XIEHE AWM 1007 VW-1 80oC 300V 24AWG XIEHE FT1 LF
    Only on red wire: E251491
    Only on black wire: 5251491
    Some UL data matching my pigtail wires.

  • What type of wire is used in this cable? What gauge, whether stranded or solid, etc. Thanks.

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