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  • The point is that it wastes little time buying a lottery ticket. We all have loyalty to suppliers with good service but sparkfun is proud to be a profit making company.

    Some of us, not you by the looks of things, also invest our spare time in providing free software to the open source community so time becomes even more precious. This is what open source means to myself and others.

    I suggest that your loyalty would be better directed to the busy community.

    Arduino for Visual Studio

  • Nate, I am pleased you found my comments useful and I am looking forward to the changes. Thanks very much.

  • This great board as with all other Arduno boards can be programed using Visual Studio. There is a free 100% Arduino compatible addin called Visual Micro. Arduino for Visual Studio

  • Blah. What a pain it was.

  • ...and Nathan wants me to go on the sparkfun unmanned mission to mars. Yes!

  • done :)

  • Then he will be pleased to try the new version with Visual Studio :) but that's interesting news about hbarragan. If hbarragan uses Visual Studio for wiring then I guess it says that it works okay. So we need to make sure that it doesn't get broken in future updates :)

  • (updated) @hbarragan One man who finds the time to read information pages whilst also having so many other responsibilities :) It turns out that the Visual Studio addin is looking for arduino.exe path, roaming\arduinopreferences.txt etc. so it doesn't work so well. + I see that the wiring ide also supports many other types of boards in addition to wiring and arduino. This is good but also requires a little work to support the cores structure.

  • (updated) @jandirks Thanks for the support, it is good to know you are enjoying the arduino product. I have now tested this solution with wiring. As you say, it is close but I found that it doesn't quite work.

    If all goes well we will add support in the next release when we also add support for Arduino 1.0

  • Sorry my reply above was to jaw174

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