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Max O'Lydian

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  • You know there's DNA in poo, right? Ooohhhh- sorry, I thought you were getting really personally involved there for a sec. But I certainly second the thought of sending a poo to them... or at least ATTN: LEGAL DEPT.

  • I'm in. Where do I sign up?

    Haha just realized- way to go commenting on a 6 year old post!

  • The FemtoBuck LED driver! I was so excited at the propect of picking up a teragross of these babies for about 15 cents! Imagine my disappointment at the $7.95 price tag...

    Oh well, guess I'll just have to scale back my super-death-ray project a tad to keep within budget...

  • I have a question- what are the differences between JTAG programmers? I've found a HUGE price differential between high and low. What's the deal?

  • The 2A continuous rating seems a tad high for 28 AWG- has anybody verified this?

  • Kudos to both Sparkfun and Fluke for being stand-up organizations! It's been said many times here in these comments, but I'll say it again- it's wonderful what can happen when people act responsibly, considerately, and with compassion for others. Too often something like this would cause the parties to circle the wagons and start slugging it out in court. I'm happy with Fluke's response, and also their gentle suggestion to donate the extra value to the Maker community. Likewise, I'm glad that Sparkfun is acting on that suggestion, although I'm sure they would have done something similar of their own accord. Both of these companies have just earned a very loyal customer.

  • I almost messed up on the first question- first thought was correct, but then I started to overthink it, knowing how sneaky these sparkfun guys are. Load current, anyone?

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