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  • I needed this to program the smd simon. I spent three days trying to get it to work. If not for two comments in this section I never would have. 1- use b 32 not b1 and 2 type -patmega328p not -patmega328. It worked great after that but I still could not find any disciption on what the lights or jumpers mean. Use the no power switch and power the simon by battery.And finally if it still does not work switch the cable around on the simon board. Man I sure learned alot though. Now to program in a debounce for the buttons.

  • I just finished this after 3 days of fighting with it and I hope my comments will help some people. 1- Make sure you realise that you need to program it after so make sure you have a programmer and the breakaway pins to connect to it (They don't come with the kit). I used the pocket programmer and was astonished at how little documentation came with it (what do the lights mean, what do the jumpers do?. This is key...Use B 32 NOT B 1 and call it a -patmega238p not just -p atmega328. (hope I just saved you 3 days). The button debounce fix needs to be programmed as well. I loved this kit to teach all the elemiments of embedded projects and unfortunatally if it had of worked right the first time I would not have learned as much

  • Sorry wrong area

  • works great with a small 8 ohm speaker.just remember to name the audio files 0001, 0002 etc of they wont play.

  • Hi, I need to record rs232 serial data from a pc then play it back through a servo controller. I figure this will record the data but can I play it back directly into my servo controller. Normally the PC goes straight to the controller card but I want to eliminate the pc in the field and just play back a recorded sequence from this card. Anyone know if this would work? Or a better idea?

  • I had a lot of trouble getting it to work. It turned out that the ad4 files I had converted were bad. In order to test go the the help forum and download their files. This worked and proved that my disk was good. Now I just have to get their mp3 converter to work.
    PS i used a scan disk 2gb and a nexxtech 2 gb and they both worked.

  • Don?t get me wrong, I love Mythbusters and Grant is fantastic but? In the Halloween community that animatronics was preschool. We make nod tilt and rotate talking skulls with 2 axis eyes. I myself have a crude 1st phase model on YouTube under Uncle Buck sings Rob Zombie. I AM NOT SAYING I AM BETTER but he could have done better.

  • Horrible documentation on this. Arduino has the worst help section I have seen. Diagram and How both do not deal with the Mini pro. I have a mini pro and there is no documentation on how to hook into it with the auto reset. As well the pin outs are not printed on the bourd and the one I was shipped is not like the picture. Where is the DTR and what does the jumper do? The schematic is even wrong . Come on that is just LAZY. I got it to work and it works great but still can't auto reset.

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