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  • I love this solder, but the flux gives my wife an asthma attack. Could another version be made with MG Chemicals 8341 or something similar?

  • Does this do the secret handshake to charge phones and tablets quickly?

  • Zinc, by itself, is very corrosion resistant. When you put a zinc plate on a boat, it acts as a battery, and induces current flow through the water that prevents oxygen ions from bonding with the hull, forcing them to bond with the zinc plate instead. The remaining hydrogen ions don't damage the iron hull of the boat.

  • Now remember, if you accidentally pick up the hot end of the soldering iron, drop it on the workbench, /not/ the dog bed.

  • It's confusing, because the Allwinner A10 SOC has an ARM Cortex A8 core.

  • The 100v spike he's talking about is called load dump. That's what happens if the car is running and someone disconnects the battery. The sudden loss of load on the alternator will cause a voltage spike until the voltage regulator in the alternator is able to compensate. They're rather slow regulators, and the spike can happen pretty fast. Also, I've seen a continuous voltage, in a car, of up to 18v. That was as the result of an internal short in the alternator which cause the regulator to work wrong, and it severely over-charged the battery.

  • Do you have Thiele/Small parameters for these speakers?

  • Owls... Everyone is fond of Owls. Except for Mice and Shrews, and Simon Cowells...

  • Is this the same thing?

  • There is one OBEX object that's a 4xUART that takes one Cog, so if you don't have too much application logic, you could load your prop up with 16 UARTs (could do more, but that's all the pins will support) in 4 COGs.

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