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MS in Biomedical Engineering from Mercer University School of Engineering. Electronic Engineer of Avionic Hardware.


Reverse Engineering

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C++, Java, php, javascript, VHDL, mysql, MATLAB, LabView, PIC Assembly, Python


MTE Mercy, Bear Biomechanics


Mercer University School of Engineering


Biomedical Engineering, Avionic Hardware


Biomedical applications of electronics, Power Electronics, RF



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    “Whosoever of ye raises me a white-headed whale with a wrinkled brow and a crooked jaw; whosoever of ye raises me that white-headed whale, with three holes punctured in his starboard fluke- look you, whosoever of ye raises me that same white whale, he shall have this gold ounce, my boys!‘” – Captain Ahab

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    What about an EKG controller that is compact using the flex circuit instead. The sensors don’t need to be smart, but for convenience, the controller needs to be lightweight and thin.

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    Got room for one more?

    A flexible headset –possible rubber: For example see from Amazon:


    Bluetooth A2DP streaming Inductively charged for convenience

    The kit could include the charger that could be soldered together.

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    Would you have happened to see an All-Spark lying around the lab?

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    This is what happens when “helping hands” become self-aware.

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    yup. Smaller the capacitance, the larger the resister needs to be to detect the change (when you only get a few microseconds to measure, you may need to ‘stretch’ the time-constant). The time constant may not actually be reached when you detect ‘high’… it’s really the value at which the digital I/O detects a ‘high’ value, which is going to be less than the VCC value by virtue of the innards of the IC. Time constant value is at t/RC = 1.

    You will get better response if the time-constant is shorter (and your sample frequency is good enough to detect the timing change).

    I’m just glad that someone is giving the hardware example. Thanks Sparkfun Friend, Chris.

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    Gah! Forgot to wear my lucky chaps!?!

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    A man in a hat without his steed… is still a man indeed.

  • Tutorial - DOOM on your Pi | about 2 years ago

    After the pacman -Syyu update, (upgrading pacman in the process) I fixed the erroneous read-only boot error by moving a line in rc.sysinit. I like having swap space, so I added that too. Check out twowhit.org for a little more data.

    You have provided an extremely useful tutorial. Thanks.

    May I request your .Xsessions config file for xterm? Looks sharp!

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