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  • that was the ticket! thanks!!! once i supplied power to the wake on shake board, i was able to send commands. although, using tera term, i had to enter slightly different commands that what was put on the website description above. for anyone who cares, i did the following:

    plug in ftdi board and power supply. shake device to wake it up. type in "t00030" and then hit enter let board goto sleep

    when i shook it again, the threshold value had changed from the default of 00150 to 00030


  • how long does it take for a comment to show up?

  • I'm trying to adjust the threshold value of the wake on shake. I've connected to it with my 3.3v FTDI breakout, and it seems that I can indeed communicate with it at 9600bps. The problem is that I don't know how to enter in my terminal (tera term VT), the suggested command "t<0-248><cr>|<lf>" required to change the threshold. I tried typing "t10010", but every keystroke in the terminal just bounces back the following:

    00150 05000 :-) z

    I'm not sure what is wrong here, but I am definitely lost! Thanks!


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