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  • The moral of the story is to do what you say. You have 1 million parts, then list 1 million and not 10 million.

    I found this news article by looking for a place to get a rant about DK of my chest and not a comparison to it and SF.

    I have used Digikey and the like for over a decade. I have grown tired of the Stock Wars. This concerted effort of advertising the number of parts you have in a catalog has gotten out of hand. These pointless large numbers blasted on their website does not help me one iota. As said here by others, 1/2 the catalogs are variants which are not kept on stock but are listed just for show. 1/2 of the 1/2 that is stocked are just a different package such as cut-tape and reel. I need no deception when I place an order. By the time I get down to narrowing the criteria for parts new and for parts used over the years there ends up being 5 to 6 to actually select from. If I take it a step further clicking on the show in stock option, I get list of 3 to 4 parts. Of course each is a different pin package, qfn, dip, ssop, in effect my choices are morphed to a lucky charm as I cross my fingers hoping the package I need is in stock.

    I can appreciate QTY of 0 when in fact parts were ordered and await for manufacture re-up. What I dislike is the search for a part I have not used before which usually ends with a QTY of 0, all 4 pages of listed parts. Time gone to waste. Not talking about parts exhausted. Talking about parts that never again are restocked or frankly as I suspect NEVER were stocked but used to keep up the troop count in this stock war.

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