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  • lol?
    You find it funny that these buttons do not work as advertised for me?
    Ok then, They fit in a 0.1 inch spaced breadboard(aka the standard breadboard :)
    They do not stay in my standard breadboards. One of them literally pops out like a spring.
    I don't put them in the center
    Neither do I. They are way too short to straddle the center divide.

  • They may fit perfectly in YOUR breadboard but that does not mean the fit in EVERY breadboard.

  • They DO NOT stay in this breadboard...
    Straightening the pins DOES NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
    The ones sold by Parallax are the same price, are large enough to stradle the center divide, and fit perfectly in a breadboard.

  • If you're in the Dallas area, Tanner Electronics has these exact same buttons for 15?.

  • I agree with mrRed. In my case, the adhesive fell off the feet before they arrived.
    Without the feet, the breadboard does not lay flat.
    My next order with be with someone else.

  • I bought two of these. One matches the description and datasheet. It works well.
    The other has no markings, does not match the description nor the datasheet. It does not work.
    Based on my experience, you have a 50/50 chance of getting a working buzzer. My next order will be with someone else.

  • Some problems...
    - The wires are not secured. A bit of a tug or a little side-to-side motion and they break off. Even just passing the wires through a small hole would help.
    - If the wires do break off, it is difficult to reattach them.
    - There is no convenient way to mount it. There is a single hole that accomodates a small screw but the hole is poorly positioned.
    - When the battery gets low, the step up circuit becomes erratic.
    In general, I've been pleased. It works as advertised.

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