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  • The number of bytes is a function of the number of satellites in view and the number of carriers available (e.g. L1 only, or L1 & L2). Since RTCM is a binary protocol, the resultant bitrate is relatively low, on the order of low 10s of Kbps at most.

  • The default "Dynamic Platform Model" is Portable, which has a max horizontal velocity of 310 m/s and 50 m/s vertical. uBlox supports other modes as well, which can be set via uCenter, or dynamically using the CFG-NAVSPG-DYNMODEL command. The supported modes are: Portable, Stationary, Pedestrian, Automotive, At Sea, three Airborne modes and a wrist mode. The different modes determine the filtering settings. 500 m/s is only supported in the Airborne <4g mode.

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  • I'm glad it has the u.FL connector as it makes it easier to swap out for other, similar boards which also have u.FL. Other boards that have the SMA connector onboard (e.g. CSG Shop) limit your packaging options.