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  • I found it CRUCIAL to add a 330 ohm resistor on the data pin! Without this, if the LED turned red during my program, it stayed red on reset, even though my setup code was initializing it and turning it off. It was very odd and almost random. Only happened when the LED was RED on reset, and seemed intermittent. Very strange, I am still not sure what was going on.

  • Just received the kit, very neat, but please correct me if I am wrong, but are there two errors in circuit 3?

    Error in book - instructs you to hook up a red jumper between the 5v on the redboard and the + rail. But nothing is connected to this rail at all, and circuit works the same without this jumper. Any reason for this wire in the diagram?

    Error in code - The code sets up a global constant called DISPLAY_TIME like below, but then never references this again, only using hardcoded delays of 1000 and 10 throughout

    / This variable controls how fast we loop through the colors. // (Try changing this to make the fading faster or slower.)

    int DISPLAY_TIME = 100;

    Please let me know if I am missing anything here.

    Thank You

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