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  • Sparkfun never disappoints. I have always been very satisfied with anything that I order whether I pay for it or whether I am a beneficiary of Sparkfun generosity.

    That said, I just got my code within a short amount of time and only had to put up with a few not-so-friendly captchas. IMO, it was well worth the effort.

    Now to spend at least double my winnings on the site. WOOT! WOOT!

    Thank you Sparkfun!

  • I think that some of you are ignorant to the fact that there are two sides to this coin.
    Having free day is not just about giving away free stuff. Its a lure to get loads of simultaneous users to visit the website in the most real way.
    The increase in traffic draws the attention of Google spiders and other search engines thereby increasing Sparkfun's ranking on search results. Google "fun electronics" and you can see that Sparkfun outranks a website called Fun Electronics.
    Now think about how many people have blogged or tweeted about this event. Sparkfun just spent $150000 on advertising and load testing their servers. Thats chump change compared to what some businesses spend on advertising.
    If you attempted to participate in free day and didn't get anything well, it was never really about you. Better luck next year!

  • Dude! Nobody forced you to participate.

  • Simply amazing! I was with it from beginning until the end. At about ten to 9 the whole site was laggy and slow, I could almost feel the anticipation of every other person just waiting to start clicking away. Then it all started. For the next 2 hours I had an occasional connection to the home page but I mostly had broken sparkfun pages or no connection at all. I was finally able to sneak in a few right answers on the quiz just before it was all over.
    Thank you sparkfun!
    Same time next year?