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It's time to do a holiday project roundup!

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Is it time to make smart devices dumber?

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A roundup of Hackster projects perfect for our favorite holiday!

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An in-depth look at the winners of our IoT for Everyone contest

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Making strides in workplace diversity

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See how one college student is keeping an electronic eye on his food supply.

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We want to educate everyone. That means helping the government when they ask.

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To paraphrase Mark Twain: I didn't have time to highlight one project, so I'm going to highlight three.

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Every month we'll highlight a project on Hackster that catches our fancy.

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We updated Sparkle and it slowed some things down. We're hoping that it will speed things up moving forward!

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A brief look at what happens when we offer Dumpster Dive boxes and why this slowed SparkFun.com to a crawl.

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SparkFun and Hackster.io

SparkFun and Hackster.io have teamed up to provide a platform for SparkFun's customers.

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It's probably time for us to clearly outline what to expect when it comes to using data.sparkfun.com

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SparkFun is taking steps to ensure that our user community is a safe space. That means we need to make a few changes.

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An brief introduction to SparkFun's new Director of Software Development and IT (SWIT).

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A look back at what went wrong, why and how we fixed our issues with data.sparkfun.com

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  • I see SparkFun customers on the forefront of technology (and that isn't me shining apples, it's true) and instrumental to helping develop and implement and champion these solutions. That's why I've been pushing these ideas and why I'll continue to push them.

    When I go and talk at conferences, I'm not pushing our products (well, just a little). I'm calling for the community to step up and work with us to solve the big challenges we are going to face. We face these challenges together and a solution found together is the answer.

    A secure and open internet is important for the world.

  • If this isn't in the works already (very possible) consider on the list.

  • People provide the market pressure for products demand to know the security modules in your products.

    With IoT, if consumers feel threatened by a lack of security, they could forgo adoption of the platform all together.

  • You're point about local access with mySQL is the perfect example of restrictive (security) or permissive (easy to use). The fight is always there. mySQL is widely distributed and is used in a lot of stacks. If the default is to be restrictive, it is the decision they made, but it annoys or hurts casual users when they are just trying something out.

  • Exactly my point! That guy seems smart, I'm going to check out this Edison guy.

  • Zio - Keep your eyes out next Spring for an update.

  • We are running a pilot internship this summer. we'll have a blog post go live from him this week. Internships get hard to manage really quick. We need to do it in a very measured way. To get a high school intern, I'm not sure if the mutual benefit exists (they aren't engineers, they can't help with SWIT, my department and they probably aren't strong enough makers for the tech support team). We'd have a hard time placing them. College grad student is the way to go, but still hard. Finding good times and meaningful short term projects presents challenges.

    If this summers pilot pans out, we can expand and formalize the program. We'll keep people posted.

  • I think about how powerful my phone is compared to my first commodore 64 or even my first x86 processor, it really blows me away.

  • I do :-)

    Let me fix that. I suppose the title of this reply is don't edit at 6:30 in the morning

  • This means a lot to me, thanks Frencil

    It has been a journey, you can't change a cornerstone of a major system and not expect some big breaks. We are working through those and learning a lot about our old and new processes. Not the best deploy I've ever been a part of but not the worst.

    The team keeps working hard and they are motivated to see this a success. That means a lot to me, too.

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