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  • The issue i found was in the software. In the interrupt routine, it resets the timer value for the next second.

    You can fix it by deleting "TCNT1 = 49911;" from the ISR and changing the timer setup in ioinit() to this:

    //Init Timer1 for second counting
    TCCR1A |= _BV(WGM11);
    TCCR1B = _BV(WGM13)|_BV(WGM12)|_BV(CS12)|(_BVCS10);
    TIMSK1 = _BV(TOIE1); //Enable overflow interrupts
    ICR1 = 15625;//set the top value (more reliable than the original)
  • I love this kit! I added a 18650 holder and changed the source code dramatically. I increased the feature set to 4 alarms with different tones for each, 24h time keeping, battery voltage measurement, internal temperature (doesn't work due to VREF tied to VCC), and adjustable display brightness.

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