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  • Building guitar amps, it's not strict p2p wiring that I use for that (though some do).

    What I apply is a technique called 'turret-lug' construction. Take a piece of 1/8" Garolite, drill a pattern for the buses and major blocks of the circuit, insert the turret lugs through the holes, swage them on the back of the board, and go to town soldering the topside.

    Another tip is to use silver-coated/PTFE-insulated avionics wire. Not because the silver imparts any magical sonic qualities but because it is stiffer. In a high-gain guitar amp, how you route the wires is everything and the stiffness of the silver plated hookup wire really helps.

    The PTFE insulation stays nice and intact without shrink-back after resolderings, even many times. Best to get wire strippers that know how to work on PTFE.

  • Created a simple FreeRTOS demonstration project for the FreeSoC2:


  • Wonderful board, thank you!

    I went and piped up on the Cypress Forum about providing alternative platform support. It's really a shame that someone seems to have drunk so much Microsoft Kool-Aid over there 8)

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