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  • Thank you for the quick reply, this is great to learn about!

    One quick last question, can I output 12V with this controller, or does it have to be 4V?

  • I have a couple of questions about this charger with a solar panel and lipo/lifepo4 battery

    1. Can I use this with a 14V 4S Lipo battery, or does it only output ~4V on the charge terminals? Previous people have asked this and it seems that one of the cells will overcharge and some will undercharge and then explode, right?

    2. If only 4V output, can I use 4 of these in series to get a load of around 14V? I want to attach a 15W solar panel or 4 3.5W panels to this setup and output 12V to power a motor/redboard/other gear.

    3. The max charging is only 450mA, what if my load is higher, like 1A 12V draw, will this work, or is it directly correlated to the charging power as well so I can only have a load of 4V @ 0.45A?

    4. Member #647289 mentioned charging a lifenmpo4 battery instead. The diagram shows that it is possible to charge this type of battery, but what exact components would I need to change out?

    In other words, I absolutely need 12V output and a light weight solar/batt setup around 1-4AH. Everything else is negotiable. Is this the part I need, and if so, how can I make it work? Thank you!

  • Does anyone have a weight on this board? The datasheet does not cover this. Thank you.

  • Does sparkfun actually read these? Last post was myself 7 months ago and nothing has come of it.

  • Does this reflect offor of water? Measure height of water in a container?

  • I agree. When trying to send over a wireless network, I have to reduce the resolution even more to send from 1023 count to 255. Bleh.

  • Is there an actual wiring diagram for this product? How do you connect the terminal wires from which you are trying to measure a current? Do you just thread the cables through the 2 holes, or do you connect them with "X" size screw? Or do you solder a copper wire to the sensor holes? Do you solder it to one of the 4 little solder points, or anywhere to the hole? The tutorials and examples are garbage compared to what I am used to with sparkfun.

  • The tutorial was wonderful at first. But then the examples were somewhat meaningless when it came to real world problems. How can I have 2 zigbees both mounted on their respective shields and redboards, then measure an analog input with one, which then corresponds to an analog output on the other? Or something related to this? I am having one hell of a time even reading serial outputs using the shields.

  • Do you think this bore size and pin screw will work with a 5mm shaft if I file it down flat a little on one side?

  • How did that end up working on 5mm shaft?

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