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  • SD Card Specification link is broken.

  • Please ignore my question, but if somebody needs the answer, here it is:
    The BL010100.HEX file did NOT do the trick.
    I registered and downloaded the one from:
    as mentioned elsewhere in the thread.

  • Sure, I did hook it up but teh led did not blink - that did surprise me, hence teh efforts to reload teh bootloader.
    All is well anyway, minor problem!

  • I just got a new Olimex ICD2 because I damaged teh PIC 116F877A in my original one, also purchased from Sparkfun. I confirmed that it was indeed the 16F877A by swapping teh two.
    I also have a PICStart Plus, and I tried to burn a new 16F877A on it to get my original ICD2 functioning, but I still get teh error message when trying to connect :
    ICD0021: Unable to connect with MPLAB ICD 2
    Where can I get the proper firmware for teh Olimex ?
    I would like to keep it as an an emergency spare.

  • Here are a few tips to get the bootloader working correctly - (I had a few difficulties others may benefit):
    From the link above, download and expand the file:
    1. For documentation go staright to:
    2. Burn your Mini-Bully with the file:
    (the boot code that was pre-loaded in the mini-bully that I got did not work)
    3. You can now test it using the instructions in the paragraph labeled “Testing with Echo” located at:
    This works!

  • This is a great product, but if you want to get it started, Do not use Hyperterm - it does not seem to work on all systems.
    Instead, use the free Teraterm terminal program from
    After using that, everything worked great.

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