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  • First off make sure you have installed the libraries for Arduino correctly. If you have you should start by taking a scope and looking at the SDA and SCL lines. SCL should just be a clock, but by looking at the SDA line you can see the starts, bytes, ACKs and stops. That can at least give you an idea if the sensor is responding to the master. If you aren't getting any response, make sure you have SDA and SCL correct. If you never see the SDA line get a response, it could be the sensor.

  • I am struggling to use this device to read blocks(red, blue, green, and yellow).

    I have tried various combinations of settings with little success. When reading any color I get semi-unique readings(but not unique enough to differentiate from some of the other colors). The thing is even when reading a base color block I still get high values of the other bases.(I.E A red block reading R:33076, G: 44118, B:28877).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this more usable?

  • What is the smallest distance this sensor can read?

  • Can anyone give an idea as to the distance this sensor can work effectively?

  • I am wanting to use two of these on an I2C bus. Is there any simple method to change the address of the device so that I can?

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