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Benjamin Shockley

Member Since: June 15, 2015

Country: United States

  • I absolutely love the idea of bringing my dog to work with me. I think she would love it too. Every single day, I leave a very sad looking face behind. I come home to excitement, but it just plucks at my heart strings when i have to leave her. I keep promising her I'll find a place she can come with me. One day.

  • Thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind. I've already got my other board in hand, but for future reference these may be a nice way to do it. Since I was a Blynk backer on Kickstarter, I've got plenty of "energy" to build projects.

  • I'm wondering how well controlling the WS2812 LEDs work with a DIN at 3.3V? How about a string of WS8212s - assuming their max current is 20mA each and leaving some for the ESP8266 how does a string ~25 LEDs long work at 3.3V? Anyone try this yet?

    I ask because I just designed a custom shield for a Particle Photon that takes in 5V, supplies the WS2812 string at 5V (up to 1A) and provides logic level from 3.3V (Photon) to 5V (WS8212). Had I known this existed, I might have ditched that idea and gone with this. Maybe next time.

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