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  • Is it possible to use a NodeMCU to communicate to the Wav Trigger thru serial and trigger the audio tracks?

  • Question: Is it possible to trigger 2 wav files, each to their own output, with 1 button press?

  • Just got a couple more of these wav triggers. Just wanted you to know the firmware update seems to have fixed my issue. Thanks!!

  • I can duplicate the issue within 10-20 presses here on the work bench. I don't know which firmware version they have. I just got a new one 2 weeks ago, I assumed it would have the latest firmware. I have these connected to a PA system in a retail store. Customers can press a button to page for help to a location. The issue is very minor once installed because customers typically only press it once and its rare to have more than 1 button pressed at a time. But it does happen and I have heard it re-trigger in the store. I was going to video the issue but its to late, I've already installed it. Maybe on the next one.

  • Thanks for the reply. I look forward to hearing what you found.

  • I have purchased 5 WAV triggers over the last year and plan on buying more. I do have one small issue and was wondering if anyone else has seen it. I have re-trigger disabled for all triggers and for the most part it works. But every once in a while it will re-trigger if a button is pressed during playback. An easy test to recreate this issue is to have re-trigger disabled then continuously press and release a button. It may take a while but you will find that it does re-trigger sometimes. Has anyone seen this or know of a fix or something i am missing. Thanks

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