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  • I'm slightly confused by the following equation and statement:

    tPRECHG = 0.048 × RTMR

    tMAXCHG = 0.48 × RTMR

    Resistor values between 18kΩ and 72kΩ can be added to set the maximum pre-charge time between 24-36 minutes, and the max-charge timer between 240 and 360 minutes.

    Plugging in the maximum resistor value of 72,000Ω, I get: 0.48 * 72000 ~= 576 minutes for the max-charge timer value and plugging in the minimum resistor value of 18,000Ω I get: 0.48 * 18000 ~= 144 minutes

    What am I missing here? Where did the 240-360 range come from?

    EDIT: It appears as though this range was taken from the top of the datasheet; however, the values appear to be accurate when TMR is floating, not when a resistor is provided.

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