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  • Product COM-11218 | about 2 years ago

    my original one is indeed defective, i think it was an instability in my power supply and spiked outside it;s rage. i will try to rip it apart with epoxy remover to atlest see the output transformer, the others i have work great and from my experience in hv i would say an output of over 10kv is easy, i want to see if the can be put in parell but would need to be dc first and phasing is unknown. anyway very impressing for the size. I have a 5ma 30kv supply and it’s arc is not as impressive. anyway time to order more for fun! if i find anything interesting on dismantling the bad one i will let you know

  • Product COM-11218 | about 2 years ago

    OK simple and maby i got a defective one, but correct me if i am wrong but positive is red and negative is white, some how mine failed, draws 6 amps and no output and it’s only a few weeks old. maby some one messed with my lab supply or not but i ordered 2 more for kicks and giggles but this time i will have a diode reversed biased on the input to protect the device. also the output seems to be ac, i have a high voltage probe and will try to calculate the voltage later is another does not beat me to it

  • Product PRT-00731 | about 2 years ago

    i would not recommend charging these in parallel or in series unless you have the correct balancing charger for them, they do have them listed here

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