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  • I would be careful about advertising that maker map. I did not check all the sites. But the ones around the Austin, TX area are seriously out of date. Five out of the eight shown have no active web site associated with the web address provided by the tool (I get a 404 error when I click on it). One of these is the Techshop in Round Rock. I think just about everyone knows all of the TechShop’s went bankrupt a few months ago. Another is a listing for SXSW Create. This doesn’t exist anymore and the listing states it is SXSW 2013! The remaining ones don’t really look like makerspaces. They look more like retail stores that provide materials for makers.

    It is interesting that one makerspace that is still active in the Austin area is NOT on that map:

    Perhaps it is too new to be on that map?

  • How about adding some type of capacitive touch switch to either the candles or the flames? Then you could “light” the candles just by touching them. I would bet your niece would get a kick out of that.

  • I am curious about the large doll in the background. What is THAT?!

  • Have you considered products from other vendors? For example the CP2104 from Silicon Labs? It has proven to be a very low cost alternative to the FTDI offerings.

  • No worries. The website says accounts won’t be disabled until November 31st. Since that day will never arrive…

  • Yes, the Chronodot uses this device (that is how I knew about it). Adafruit does sell the Chronodot (I have bought a couple of them). They have also created their own breakout board for this device as well as a feather board.


  • If you are in need of the higher accuracy of the DS3234 but pin limited such that you want the I2C bus, you could use the DS3231 also from Maxim. It appears to be essentially the same chip but with an I2C interface instead of SPI. The register set even appears to be the same.


    Edit: Just noticed the two parts have a different number of pins and a different pinout. So the DS3231 would require its own breakout board.

  • LariSan, Thank you very much for the response. I guess I need to buy the new version. I already have the old version with all the accesories. Do you know if the old accesories will still work?

    Thanks again, Joe

  • Since Digilent is a National Instruments Company, does anyone know if it is possible to automate this device using their LabVIEW language? If not, do they have any plans to make that happen?

    Also, have their been any significant changes in the capabilities of this product from the version 1 Analog Discovery?

    Thanks, Joe

  • Another possible negative for the Photon in a school environment is that most schools have their WiFi locked down tight to prevent “issues” involving kids and the internet. It can be difficult to get a bunch of Photon devices “blessed” onto the school’s WiFi.