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  • 32 mbit is an awful lot of flash for a USB phy...there's no onboard ram, so they can't be doing that much inline processing - certainly not time-based processing. The Cypress data sheet says there's up to 512 kb of SRAM - which, assuming the cameras are monochrome and 8-bits per pixel (most cmos imagers are 10-bit, but I digress), means 512000 pixels...for both cameras. Nope. In order to achieve the 1/100 mm accuracy they claim (I smell bull$hit) with an 8 cu ft volume, you would need to have about 30 MP per imager, monocrome. This is the equivalent to a 10MP color camera - so technically it's feasible. This is based on the assumption that they are able to interpolate down about 1/10 pixel accuracy. The maths: 8 cu ft = 2' x 2' x 2' = 600 mm per side 1/100 mm accuracy and 1/10 pixel accuracy = 1/10 mm per pixel 1/10 mm per pixel and 600 mm per side = 6000 pixels per side = 36 MP

    36MP at >200FPS (as reported in this article)...nope, not going to happen. Not in a package as small as they have in this thing. Can they get less than 1/10 pixel accuracy? Unlikely, that's some heavy interpolation. Yup - there's some marketing going on here. Based on the photo in "The Seedless Underbelly", the imagers are about 1/2 inch. Based on that, my best guess is they are using the Vita1300 from onsemi - with a max frame rate of 150 FPS, without windowing. If they are smart (and they are) they can selectively window the imagers to skip pixel readouts and squeeze even higher framerates. But, the Vita1300 only has 1.3 MP...or 1024 pixels per side...which means they're claiming to get 1/60 pixel accuracy. Sigh. SPARKFUN, TELL US WHAT IMAGER THEY'RE USING!

    So what is that flash for? Calibration look-up tables, most definitely. These can be huge. Program code, as well, for sure. That puny 16kb built-in instruction memory is probably just a bootloader and maybe a watchdog or something.

  • Just thought of something. Are you going to use the shipping address or the billing address to determine "household"? If you use billing address, there will not be any problems here.

  • You mentioned "Only one $100 credit per household". I live just 5 north of the Canadian border, so generally ship to a US receiving office and hand carry my items across the border (generally this leads to cheaper shipping and less duty). However the service I use is fairly popular and I imagine there are other people in my area that will try to ship to it. Is there any solution for us?

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