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  • Google the difference between the gfx and sgc versions of the controller firmware. I pre-ordered mine as sgc, and won't have to use a cable at all. Of course, I'll be running the firmware version that I get, I think I would need the cable to upgrade the firmware. Not sure if Sparkfun offers the sgc version of the board, but you could check 4d directly I guess. Thinking more about your earlier concerns, I think 4d is mainly targeting a different customer group than those who are able to solder their own programming cable.. :-) Wish you fun with your projects!

  • Not sure what you're complaining about, you can program the controller using the cable, or you can use the serial version without a special cable to feed it the commands from your own uP. I've been using the module extensively without a special cable, the only thing I'm missing is paging so that I can draw without creating flicker. If you want an open source controller, make one in fpga or something. The panels are source able separately. I think it is unreasonable to expect a commercial company to set up an open source project for silicon that they've probably invested quite a bit of money in. Your saying that open systems 'beat' closed ones every time, but that's a complex statement that is far from 'always' true. But that's a completely different discussion :-)

  • Great display! I've made a little utility to convert BMP's into PIC assembly defines that can be used with this display: http://pair.com/plan9

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