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  • After uploading a sketch to do LoRa via OTAA none of my computers can recognize the board (code 43). I've tried all the normal stuff with diff USB ports, drivers, restarting, diff comps, diff cables yet it seems whatever I did in the code (which I can tell you if it would help) has made it noncommunicable. What can I do to bring this little guy back to factory memory condition so I can try again? I know I had the wrong AppKey for LoRa in my code but I don't see how that's causing this problem. Cheers

  • I purchased one of these, got it up and running with the RAK Wireless Tutorial (found in the link in the description), however I can't find anything about the GPS. Currently, the device log stays:

    main ### [GPS] ### main # No time keeping possible due to fake gps. main # Manual GPS coordinates: and then says the coordinates I gave during the initial setup

    Any pointers on where to look for information regarding getting the gateway to use the attached GPS unit? Cheers!

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