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  • could this 'bluetooth modem' be paired to BT-enabled smartphones or or even a Wii-remote as a remote control radio link? If not, is these such a device out there somewhere?

  • I followed tutorial 1 and 2 and thought I had it right - but nothing worked. I got an "avrdude: AVR device not responding" message from both, programmer's notebook and the cmd-line. I am using the parallel programmer connected to an IBM Thinkpad.
    Eventually I tried an other LPT port - and even though windows makes me believe there is only LPT1 in the system, avrdude works with LPT3 (the LED is now blinking nicely) - but only once.
    I cannot reprogram the ATmega unless I reboot my laptop. I get the same error message as before without a reboot.
    Does anybody have an idea what's going on? (and maybe more importantly a solution that allows me to reprogram without rebooting)
    Thanks in advance.

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