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  • Ive just got mine going, and I'm losing about 3 seconds per day right now... This is totally unacceptable! Has anyone else had an issue like this?

  • Is the "solder paste" actually flux?

  • First of all, it should be stated in the product description that only 8 of the 12 pins are routed through MOSFETs!
    Secondly... WOW it took me a while to work out how this is supposed to be used!
    Turns out it is supposed to fit under/over an arduino pro mini (both facing up; so you cant see the handy silk screen anymore, or you cant access the reset button).
    The pins are also wired in a kinda odd way if you ask me, but i suppose at least you get access to both GND and 3v3!
    Also it would be nice for more info on the B+/- input in the product description! (ie: it gives 600mA of 3.3v from an input between 1.2v and 5.5v)
    See here for a handy pinout (hopefully I got it correct!)

  • Is there any chance of a datasheet for this?
    I assume this crystal is used on the DEV-09734 BoB?

  • Is anyone having issues with the RX_CRC_VALID bit being incorrect? I am currently suspecting faulty silicon, but can't be sure!
    To get around it, I am using RX_AACK_ON mode instead of RX_ON. This way the TRX24_RX_END interrupt is only triggered at the end of a valid packet (CRC checked and all!)

  • awesome! cheers for that :)
    @sparkfun perhaps a consideration for v2? pull down on the TST pin, im using 1k!

  • okay okay... ill take that back!
    but micros/fpgas/cpld/etc... are more and more commonly replacing multiple ICs in small/cheap/low power systems...
    fpgas also often also have a processing core within - NIOS for example!

  • Great quiz!
    I just sent a link to two of my uni lecturers with the first years in mind! He agreed that it was a great quiz and asked if there was any possibility for firmware (C specifically) questions to be added!
    I do feel that this is very hardware oriented... and hardware is (generally) just a pile of tin if it wasn't for the firmware!

  • Yep, I'm having the same issue! Im using the Koala (PRT-08722) for power, usb and a bit of breaboard area.
    When it has been switched off for a while (a minute or so) and you then turn it on (plugged into USB or from battery) it will freeze up at some point in the next few seconds. One time it lasted about 4 seconds, but never longer.
    For me, pressing reset starts it off again and I have no problems after that.
    Using the arduino bootloader, it sometimes doesn't even get out and into the app. sometimes it does.
    Using WDT and BOD both didnt help, and I attached the VCC to a storage scope hoping to see a nice little brown out, but nothing!
    Anyone at SF having these problems too?!
    Bit of a shame as I've bought 3 of these! :(

  • hey everyone!
    I figured that others might like this too... I've ported the arduino bootloader to this AVR! woo!
    the source is freely avaliable here: http://bit.ly/fkoFaA

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