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    All worked up eh? Perhaps you need to feel that the big money you spent on your patents was not in vain. Truth be told that the patent system has been flawed for years. I mean a long long time, even Tesla would agree with me. This system is a wall for ideas and the cost forces the poor to help the rich profit from their ideas. These Giants that you speak of (no disrespect) also stood on the shoulders of other Giants. Technology these days doesn’t come from scratch but is New combinations of existing inventions and this is Exactly sparkfun’s business. They enable creative minds to realize how to combine these ideas. I have nothing against patents. I just needed to say something to bring these mad
    back to earth. All mankind’s knowledge and the new ideas created from it are a combination a former and new ideas. Thank You Sparkfun for your effort to free the knowledge for all to partake.

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