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  • Need Help :-)

    I have Arduino UNO with CC3000 WiFi Shiled (without Power supply, only USB)

    "my Script" (part of it)

    include <Adafruit_CC3000.h>

    include <ccspi.h>

    include <SPI.h>

    include <string.h>

    include "utility/debug.h"

    // These are the interrupt and control pins

    define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_IRQ 3 // MUST be an interrupt pin!

    // These can be any two pins

    define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_VBAT 5 //from

    define ADAFRUIT_CC3000_CS 10

    // Use hardware SPI for the remaining pins // On an UNO, SCK = 13, MISO = 12, and MOSI = 11 Adafruit_CC3000 cc3000 = Adafruit_CC3000(ADAFRUIT_CC3000_CS, ADAFRUIT_CC3000_IRQ, ADAFRUIT_CC3000_VBAT,

    SPI_CLOCK_DIVIDER); // you can change this clock speed

    on my monitor i received:

    Hello, CC3000! Free RAM: 1128 Initializing... Attempting to connect to 773207497 Connected! Requested DHCP

    115200 baud

    can you help me to understand why it is stop in that point?

    Thanks Shachar

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