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  • Would I be able to shut down the charging circuit using a microcontroller when the temperature gets below freezing, without turning off the load? Or does the charging IC do that automatically?

    According to a brief reading into the datasheet it appears to not have this functionality, unless there's something I'm missing.

  • This might be late but I have done research fairly recently on this topic. I would recommend reading this:

    Basically, you can do this only if they are the same batch of cells, same voltage, same capacity, and from a good quality manufacturer (Samsung, Panasonic, LG, etc), among other things.

    I would say probably not with these cells, but maybe.

    But Sparkfun does sell a 2Ah battery and even a 6Ah battery now. So there is probably no need to put these in parallel anyway.

    Hope this helped! :)

  • Since the solar panels you sell are rated at the minimum voltage for the Sunny Buddy, would hooking up super caps to the solar panel like the technique done in this tutorial be feasible or even work with the Sunny Buddy? Would that just mess up the power tracking?

  • I know this is late, but he says in the product showcase that the fuse is rated for 10A.

  • Is is possible to take videos with this module?

  • I use Windows 7, 8 and 10, but mostly Windows 10. I feel like it's the most user-friendly option, it's very open, and my files are easy to get too. I could use Linux because I'm a techy kind of person, but I used Windows in my childhood. I grew up with Windows XP.

    The reason I don't like Mac is because I don't like Apple in general. I feel like they are just such a closed system and force you into upgrading things. I bought one of their devices 6 years back (Ipod Touch 4th Gen) and it just becomes more obsolete every day. The fact that I can't upgrade to IOS 7 let alone 9 makes me angry. Oh and don't get me started on tech support...

    No, Windows is the better option by far!

  • Could the board be powered by a lithium polymer battery by any chance? The datasheet for the chip itself says the max voltage is 5.5 volts for digital and analog supply, however the max for interface supply indicates 3.6 volts. That max is 0.1 volts under what a li-po battery provides. So will it fry the ic?

  • I agree, I would rather support Arduino LLC. Sparkfun pays royalties, don't they?

  • Very useful. I'm wondering something though, how do you calculate voltage measured from ADC reading? I've been trying to manipulate the formula but can't figure it out. Thanks.

    Edit: I got it, for anyone wondering the formula to find voltage measured is Voltage Measured = ADC Reading x System Voltage / Resolution of the ADC

  • Would there be any chance of you guys getting a usb 3.0 version of this?

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