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  • How in the world am I going to sew this lilypad to my skin?

  • With Office space tight, management decided the only thing to do was to get their Mac users to shoulder the burden of their PC counterparts.

  • Robert (thought bubble): I better see a significant raise in my next paycheck for this...

    Dave (thought bubble): I heard there were cookies in the breakroom, are we done with this photo yet?

  • Question: Can I use this 3.3v Wifi to communicate with an arduino that is powered by 5v? (obviously I wouldn't be able to power the wifly with 5v, but if they were each correctly powered (arduino with 5v and wifly with 3.3v) would they still be able to work together?

    I have a system that is already built, and powered with 5v, and just want to add this module to it.