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  • I only got polycarbonate to work. Best plastic I tried was Acrylite 9M020 GT from Evonik. This plastic is up to 96% transmissive for IR but only about 2% light transmissive in the visible band. Other plastics will work too but I wanted to hide the sensor. You would have to put the emitters close to the plastic to get it to work best. A gasket on the top side with also work to reduce IR getting to the receiver.

  • I use this sensor under a polycarbonate sheet to detect a swipe and open a sliding door using a motor. You can't see the sensor but the gesture is detected out to 6 inches. Wood would not work, but a dark polycarbonate surface with the sensor taped behind the plastic works best. Don't allow any space because the emitted IR needs to get through the plastic. Now I can open cabinet doors without knobs.

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