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  • I found my own answer. This person has an article that gave me the answer I needed. I need to reduce the power level on the radio, and Chat explains how.


    Once I reduced the power level to 1, it was discovered in XCTU

  • I have a USB Explorer and two of the S3B Pro 900 Mhz devices. I have cut the RSSI trace, and verified it under the microscope. I can get an S2 device to show up fine, but the S3B devices won't.

    I have one with RPSMA and one with a wire antenna. The 2.4's just don't make my distance. The specific part numbers are: XBee-Pro 900HP XBP9B-DMSTB002 (RPSMA) and XBP9B-DMWTB002 (wire)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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