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  • Product DEV-11303 | about 2 years ago

    I am a bit confused with the differences between the “Mini 05” and the “Pro Mini”. The Mini is rated only at 9V input. The schematic shows that the “Pro Mini” has a 10uf cap on the raw line that the “Mini 05” does not. The regulators are similar in specification and both have up to 16V input as their operating range. If I feed the “Mini 05” 12V, will it smoke? Should I use a 9v zener to clamp the input voltage? Should I add a 10uf cap to the raw line? How can I power this safely without using another 9V supply in the project? The placement of the A4-8 pins on the 0.1 grid makes the Mini more useful to me. The other difference is a pit puzzling, though… Why is IO7 on the serial port connection end and on the side? Why not reset?

  • Product WIG-10216 | about 2 years ago

    There is an alternate firmware that a user provided a few years ago which appears to support your request. http://code.google.com/p/logomatic-kwan/

  • Tutorial - Bluetooth | about 4 years ago

    Yeah… I got this dongle and the Bluesmirf. I have been more happy with the built in XP support of the BT donle than the BlueSoleil. I set my bluesmirf to master and BLuesoleil sees it, but will not actually allow any communication (will not connect). I tried to download the latest Bluesoleil software, but it is a limited version. The softeware that comes with it is not ‘upgrade-able’ to the current version. So, in summary, if you get it to work in XP natively, you may want to skip either Bluesoleil or other communications package. I was trying it to see if the software I was using would work any better with Bluesoleil compared to the built in XP drivers.

  • Product WRL-00158 | about 4 years ago

    Excellent product. It needs to have a reset button added though. Soldering flying wires to reset it is a bit of a pain. Once configured, it is a very nice device.

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