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  • Any chance of a BYO solder or a lead (63/37) solder version? These are just about right for workshops, but we've found lead-free solder very frustrating for beginners and the lead solder, while not RoHS compliant, isn't particularly hazardous to solder with.

  • Reading the comments I can't believe how many people seem to hate free.

    Next year lets do Double Price Day so we can give those people something to appreciate.

  • Nope, I believe that's the switch rating. The LED lights at around 3V.

    For those making a footprint I found a full set of measurements (though no more data) on the manufacturer's site: http://www.omten.com/eng/showpro.asp?id=504

  • I would love these in an opaque lens like the red, green, and orange lights. The clear lens makes this one pretty harsh.

  • I would also love a data sheet. In the meantime the dimensions listed in the description match my measurements.

  • I've been keeping parts in binders for a while (and the pockets with flaps are fantastic but hard to find) For antistatic needs I do the following:
    1) a 8.5x11" sheet of antistatic foam with binder holes. Just stick ICs right into it.
    2) Piece of card stock punched with binder holes. Attach small antistatic bags with double-sided tape.

  • Agreed. I've been keeping my small components in binders for years, and the coin pockets with flaps are by far the best pages to do it, but they're nearly impossible to find. Very glad to see them here.
    Now if Sparkfun would let me buy some of their small shipping boxes. For some reason all the boxes they ship in seem to get used as project cases and for organizing stuff.

  • Any chance of getting these (And their sister LED buttons) in RoHS compliant versions?

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Now could you possibly share your improved designs? I'm not trying to snark, I'm passionately interested in an improved design. I have two sisters with movement disabilities who need all the assistive technology they can get, and frankly there's not much out there.
    I think this design, as basic as it is, is starting point and gives me and my sisters all sorts of ideas of how I can help them.

  • It's been really great to see the open source hardware spec mature so quickly over the past few months.
    But I think it's a real shame that it seem to focus so heavily on electronics. Physical Open Source Things don't need to have any electric components at all. There are tons of areas that can benefit from shared specifications.
    And all but one of the logos are references to electronics. (And that one is... not inspiring.) I'd love to see someone design a logo that more inclusive and reflects the fill possibilities of OSH.

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