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  • Is that a Grandstream IP phone I see? Really?!

  • Wait, is it a 6V or 56V wall wart? ;)

  • It doesn't look like you can register over at the Noisebridge website...it looks like first come first serve?

  • I'm stuck at Step 2. in the 'Compiling, Loading, and Running the App on Your Android Device' section. When the 'choose device' screen comes up, my phone shows up as 'offline' so it won't let me choose it. I've tried rebooting my phone, rebooting my computer, turning off debugging mode on my phone, then turning it back on. Still offline. I've also tried running 'adb kill-server' then 'adb start-server', but this doesn't get my phone online either. :( Any ideas? Oh, I have a Motorola ATRIX 4G, Windows XP Pro (32-bit), and the latest version of Eclipse 'Classic'.

  • Ok, you don't need to necessarily take over Radio Shack to help get your new 'retail' products out there, but how about 'partnering' up with them and selling some of your products at the physical stores? I would totally buy your products in their stores! It seems like a win-win-win situation to me. Just my $.02.