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  • What is the purpose of JP6 (the 4 holes listed as 1,2,3,4)? Maybe I'm dumb, but it looks like they are soldered in the picture, as far as I can tell perhaps they are for controling up to 2 motors per channel or some other feature. The white line tracing around them seems to indicate a 1x4 header be installed. Please explain their purpose/or why we need to get special screw teminals that have a non standard pitch when we could use these instead for smaller motors.

  • Could you charge 2 LiPos at once if you connected the second battery to the system connector? I'm too affraid to try, heh.
    Also, Sparkfun employees, update your docs so it shows the new board please. 8) I've had this board for almost a year and the docs show the old version of the board STILL.

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