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  • Hello @bboyho, is there any chance I can direct mail you to find out more about the CDC driver and timer interrupt issues? My problem is not just for the Pro Micros that I've bought. I've also bought 4Duinos from 4D Systems, which also use the ATMega32u4, and they have exactly the same bricking problem. This happens even with the correct board files selected in the IDE. It is definitely something to do with the Timers. I've stared at the ATMega32u4 datasheet exhaustively, and from what I see, Timers 0,1,2 are not used in the USB section of the chip, but every time I use those associated interrupts in code...BRICK. If you could please let me know hoe we can make direct contact so we can find a long term solution to the cause of this and then find a remedy? Thanks! My email is ghj_at_atlantiscorp_dot_co_dot_za

  • Any chance of starting a repo for this product? We've made an improved version of this board now which doesn't require the RTS pin. The change makes use of the Max13487 chip which has a built in state machine to determine the Rx and Tx directions. No more struggling with getting the timing delays correct for the RTS triggering. We use the new board design to communicate reliably with industrial equipment such as HMIs and VSDs at anything up to 115200baud. We'd love to share the changes with you, but don't want to start our own repo as it would be better placed under your original design. Thanks in advance...

  • Hi Mike, just a quick follow up on this. We played with this breakout board, as well as the Max485 for a few weeks. It is extremely sensitive to delays and timing in order to trigger the RTS line reliably. We decided instead to use the Max13487 chip which has a built-in state machine and handles the TX-RX latching by itself. This removes all of the delays from the Modbus library file and also frees up the RTS pin. We now have Modbus running flawlessly at 115200baud. This is only positive criticism, but I would highly recommend and suggest that you change your Modbus chips to the Max13487. I think the majority of us customers would rather just plug and play and the sadistic ones can buy their own Max485 with an RTS pin and spend weeks debugging :) Use it, don't use it...

  • Hey, link seems to be broken. Any chance of a fix or a re-link? Thanks in advance... it may save my board from the bin...

  • “SoftwareSerial” library doesn’t compile… any ideas?

  • “SoftwareSerial” library doesn’t compile… any ideas?

  • “SoftwareSerial” library doesn’t compile… any ideas?

  • “SoftwareSerial” library doesn’t compile… any ideas?

  • And "SoftwareSerial" library doesn't compile... again...any ideas?

  • I have bought four (4) pro-micro 3.3V boards. Two of them work fine and are listed at Port 11 in the device manager. The other two don't even recognise and I get the "USB device not recognised" message from windows. (That is straight out of the packaging.) I am assuming that the problem is with the bootloader!? Or are the devices faulty? I am using Arduino 1.0 And I have uninstalled all hidden devices in device manager and re-installed the drivers...both for 3.3V and 5V pro-micro. Any help here please?

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